Our Mission -

To provide a quality performing arts opportunity for young performers to receive valuable feedback and performance experience while developing their passion for the arts.

The Performing Arts Awards  offers three different performance levels for students to dance, compete and have a BLAST in a team environment. Novice, Performance and Elite levels offer  high energy experiences with scholarship and cash award opportunities. Experience PAA…it’s more than just a dance competition, its a performing arts experience.

What makes PAA different?

We love dance competitions!  We really do!  But we felt there are some things lacking from the competition world that we felt we could bring to the table.  Our kids deserve more!

1. A kid friendly event!  We believe in preserving childhood!  PAA will adhere to an age appropriate schedule starting no earlier than 8AM and never ending after 10PM Friday and Saturday, 8PM on Sunday.  PAA is a family event and routines that are not considered age appropriate by our judges will have point deductions or be disqualified. To handle this, PAA has set up a “Age Appropriate “ point system. It's simple: Each judge's score sheet has a check box on it, labeled "This routine might not be Age appropriate ”. For each judge that checks this box, there will be a 3-point deduction from a routine's total score. So, if two judges check this box, a routine's score would drop 6 points. If all three judges check the box, the routine will be disqualified.

2. Quality Judges - PAA exclusively uses Impact Dance Adjudicators judges. Every judge is pre screened and trained in the IDA way, ensuring every routine receives a proper critique.  

3. Opportunities!  We love the opportunities that dance competitions provide for dancers, so we wanted to offer these same opportunities to all performing arts!  Our vocal and acting categories will have their own high score awards to give these young performers the best opportunity to shine.  PAA will also be inviting agents, managers and casting directors to all events and providing scholarship opportunities to performing arts training programs

4. FUN!  Above all a dance competition should be a fun day for young artists to showcase their hard work, learn and grow from experts in their fields, develop friendships and have fun!  Every PAA event will include a free master class as well as fun moments throughout the day!

5. More than Just Great Performances!  PAA will donate a percentage of every entry to a children’s  charity.  

6. Always do the right thing - if we make a promise, we will deliver on it!  If we make a mistake (we are human!) we will fix it.  Our goal is to do right by every child attending our event.